If you want to Keep your Online Accounts Secure then you need a strong password for your account so that other’s can not access your account. Here are some ways of making a strong password, by following which you can create a strong password for your accounts.

How to make a strong password?

If you are using Normal Password then others can easily steal your data. So using Strong password is Good because no one can guess your password instead of you should change your Password Weekly.

The number of accounts that are hacked is because of the normal password that hackers easily hack. Here you can understand the difference between a normal password and a strong password.

Normal password

A normal password is where the user uses his mobile number, birthday, family name, his own name, hackers can easily hack this type of password.
Strong password

Strong passwords are those that have been created by adding numbers, alpha, extra word, mix meaning word, long words, code, tricks, alphanumeric, special words.

Hackers cannot easily hack this type of password because no hacker can hack your password direct, if you have not logged in on a fake site with your password, then the fak site, your password address from your activity They keep track of your activity for several days.

If you want to keep your account secure, you should use a strong password, so come know some tips for creating a strong password.

How to create a Strong Password

Creating a Strong Password is not difficult. If you have a bit of information on the Internet then you can create a strong password yourself. But if you do not want to do this and want to know some tricks of creating a strong password, then come here, I am telling you some tips. By following you, you can create a strong password.

1. Use long password

The first way to create a strong password is to use as many words as possible in your password. The longer your password is, the better it will be because long password hacking is harder than a short password.

Also, your password should be 8 to 10 words and if you create a password of 20 to 30 words then there will be no choice for hacking your password.

2. Use the Sentence

You can use a sentence and create a strong password, for this, you can make any length using any long word, but you can make some changes in it accordingly.

3. Use your Tricks

Create a trick of your own to create a strong password. In your password, what will be said in your password, your trick can be anything, in it, you can use trees, birds, animals, animals, you can use any bird or animal You can make a trick of 15 to 25 words on the basis that you remember.

4. Do not create a Normal Password

Do not use the name of your company or your own name or your family name, in the password, if you want to, make a slight change and do not make the mistake of creating a normal password.

5. Do not create the same Password for all Accounts

There are many accounts of internet users and it is not easy to remember the passwords of all the accounts. This is why often users create similar passwords for many accounts which are their biggest mistake.

If you have created a password like all your accounts then you can get in trouble, by doing so you will lose all accounts with hackers, if you want to be safe, then make a different password for each of your accounts.

6. Use Alphanumeric

A survey has found that it is very difficult to hack the passwords in which the number of words along with the number is also used and the special word used.

If you want to create a strong password, then use the special words “# $ @ ~” in your password, as well as 12345 in the middle of the password.

7. Use coding language

Crime uses coding language to talk to each other, which the police do not understand easily, you can also create coding language to protect passwords so that no hacker can understand your password.

Like if my name is “Mynamejamshed” then I can type this password in the coding language like “M6nm35gams46he4d”.

8. Use a password manager

While setting up a password, you can use a password manager to make your password unnecessary and to avoid making mistakes, the password manager software is not only secure but also helps to remember the password.

9. Enable 2 Step Verification on Gmail

When 2 step verification is enabled on Gmail, before you can access your Gmail account from a new device, you will be sent a verification code on your mobile, even if a person receives your Gmail account password Even he will not be able to access your Gmail account from any other device.

So Guys, using these Tips and Tricks you can make Strong Password & Secure your Gmail account.


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