How to Protect Your Phone Without Antivirus – If you want you can keep your Smartphone Safe without Antivirus. Here we are talking about How to Protect Your Phone Without Antivirus – 10 Best Tips.


How to keep mobile with a virus without antivirus? You may feel weird after hearing this but it is possible. There are other ways to damage the mobile without Antivirus.

In this article with Android Mobile Security Tips, you will find answers to all these questions. So let us know how we can protect our phones without Antivirus.

10 Tips to Secure Mobile Without AntiVirus

After learning about these Tips to  Protect Your Phone Without Antivirus, you will Uninstall the Antivirus App on your Smartphone.

1. Download Apps From the Google Play Store

This is the first thing that is most important for keeping your Phone Safe. Whenever you want to install an app, Download the App from Google play store or Reliable Sources.

2. Keep Google Play Protect On

Play Protect is a Security System provided by Google that scans apps Downloaded through the Google Play Store. You can enable it by going to Mobile Settings >> Security >> Play Protect.

3. View App Permissions

Before Downloading any Android App in your Mobile Phone, check its Permissions to see what data it uses. Only download apps that are Important for you.

If you find an App suspicious, avoid Downloading and Installing it in your phone or do not give it any permissions.

4. Do not click on suspicious links and emails

Never click on any suspicious links and emails that you receive via email or SMS. Many times, clicking on your unwanted link, Malware, Virus apps automatically download and you will not even notice it.

5. Keep your OS updated

Once the new version is available, update your phone’s operating system Using the old OS weakens the security of your phone.

So always keep your phone up to date and update the Android apps you use in addition to the OS.

6. Avoid suspicious Websites

Do not visit those websites that look more like As far as possible, use top popular websites which are worth the trust. These are online security tips.

7. Always Log out and leave

Whenever you are logged into Facebook, Twitter social media or any website and forum in your mobile and you lose your mobile, access to your online accounts becomes very easy.

Therefore it is very important for the security to use any service whenever you want to log out before logging out.

8. Do not use unknown Wifi

Unrecognizable or strange kind of free WiFi is avoided Because a hacker or cybercriminal can set their own free wifi or hotspot to trap people.
When you use such an internet connection if he sees everything that you see on your phone.

9. Use VPN

If you have to use free WiFi, then you should use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) while using Free WiFi. It establishes a secure connection.

10. Use Strong Password

Lock any app, set up a strong account for an online account or any type of account. The person who did not use the same password for all his accounts.
Do not root the phone as well. By adopting these 10 ways you can keep your phone safe without antivirus.

The last word (Conclusion)

If you follow all these Android Mobile Security Tips then you don’t need to use Antivirus in your Phone.

Follow these tips and keep your Phone Safe and Careful, stay alert and keep moving.



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