Like Facebook, WhatsApp is also blocking a lot of peoples. If you want to keep your WhatsApp Account Safe then  Today I will tell in this Post, How to prevent Blocking your WhatsApp account. We are telling you some things that caused the WhatsApp block Ban.

How to Avoid Blocking Whatsapp Account

Facebook’s proprietary company Whatsapp has now started to appear strictly with its users and is blocking or blocking people who violate its rules.

If you also unknowingly violate the laws of Whatsapp, you can be blocked from WhatsApp and your mobile number may be banned from Whatsapp forever.

To avoid blocking the WhatsApp account, it is important to know why the WhatsApp account is blocked, which of the mistakes is caused by the WhatsApp ban.

Here we are telling you 10 Big reasons for the Blocking of WhatsApp Accounts, which can cause you to block WhatsApp. 10 tips to prevent blocking on Whatsapp.

10  reasons for Blocking WhatsApp Account

So let’s know why Whatsapp is Blocking accounts.

1. Violation of Whatsapp Rules

If you violate any laws of WhatsApp, you will be banned from WhatsApp. For this, no user needs to report your account.

2. Creating Fake Whatsapp Account

If you create a feck account on WhatsApp, then the WhatsApp company will stop you from Whatsapp as soon as you know it.

Violent Material

You can also block your account by promoting violent crimes on WhatsApp or you can be banned on WhatsApp.

4. On Threatening Messages

You can also be blocked from WhatsApp if you make any illegal, defamatory or threatening message to anyone with your WhatsApp account.

5. On a lot of messages

If someone is not in your contact list and you send him a lot of messages, then your Whatsapp account can be blocked.

6. On sending Viruses or Malware on Whatsapp

If you use WhatsApp to send viruses or malware, then its address will soon block you.

7. On modifying the Whatsapp code

You will still be banned from Whatsapp if you try to modify the code of WhatsApp app.

8.  Trying to Hack Whatsapp Server

You can also be banned if you try to hack WhatsApp server or keep an eye on someone.

9. Block or Report a lot of users

Even if you have blocked many users, WhatsApp can block your account, and if someone reports against your account and it proves to be right then your WhatsApp account will be Ban.

10. Using Third Party Apps

If you use third-party apps like  Whatsapp Plus, GB Whatsapp, Whatsapp can block your account.

If you do this on WhatsApp, you can block your account, so keep an eye on them and carefully use WhatsApp.

If you keep these things in mind, your WhatsApp account will never be blocked and you will always be able to use WhatsApp.

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